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What People Foods Are Toxic to Pets?




Some foods that are safe for humans can be toxic to our pets. Did you know grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, uncooked yeast dough, and avocados are on the 'do not feed' list? Never give your pet any



Don't Dump Your Dog!
EveryDog Magazine:


When you choose to get a dog, you must choose to become a responsible dog owner. Unfortunately, not all dog owners act responsibly, abandoning their dogs when they become inconvenient. The most irresponsible of dog owners will leave them to fend for themselves in a vacant home or chained in a yard. This is tragic and unacceptable.Sometimes life gets rough and we have to make serious choices. In some cases, that means giving up a beloved pet. However, there are many ways to avoid this. Here are some examples.


Agility is Fun

Agility most of you have seen on the Television. This is where dogs run through tunnels and go over jumps and weave in and around poles.


What can you expect to see?
Jumps, hurdles, long jumps, weaving poles and a three meter 'A' frame. No agility course would be complete without the tire hoop, the famous tunnel and see saw. The equipment is made to the highest safety standard and to Kennel Club Specification.


Can any dog do this?
Yes and all breeds and sizes provided the dog does not have a physical disability, such as hip displasia, and is not overweight.


Submissive Urination

Piddling, that is, squatting to urinate when it becomes excited or when it greets its owners or strangers is a fairly common behavior in young puppies. The proper name for this behavior issubmissive urination.
Understanding why your puppy does it is the key to solving this behavior problem.


Thousands of years ago there were no dogs on the earth, only wolves. At some time there was an interaction between man and wolves and gradually through centuries of selective breeding, man has slowly changed the wolf into dog.



Dog Collar Safety

Folks, it is with a heavy heart I present this warning to you. I received this email this morning from a Monday night student of mine. With permission I will post what was told to me.


"We regret to inform you that our Boomer passed away :'(. We found him dead in our back yard. He apparently tried to jump the fence, and hung himself by his collar. We won't be returning to training with him. We may bring our Sydney for a refresher course at some other time.
Thank you,
Janelle Dearman


Please know this can happen to your dog if a collar is left on your dog unattended.


Preventing Aggression Over Possessions and Food in Puppies

Many bites to children occur around the food bowl. We are frequently told that the dog growls (but he would never bite of course) when the kids go near him while he’s eating. This situation is easily prevented if the puppy is taught that people approaching the food bowl means good things for the


The best way to prevent food guar...ding is to go up to the puppy while it is eating (adults only; not children at first) and toss something extra yummy near the food bowl. Progress to adding the treats right into the bowl.



How many times have you sat down, intent upon a program or news bulletin on the television, when suddenly your arm is forced into the air by your dog wanting to be petted?


In most cases, we respond immediately partly because if we don't, we know the dog will persevere and interrupt our viewing and partly because we don't want the dog to think that we do not want to show him any affection. 


Children and Dogs

Following these dos and don’ts will help keep and promote child safety around dogs and preventdog bites.
1.Do not hug a dog, or put your face close to his face or lie on him. Do sit beside your dog, rub his chest or scratch him on the side of the neck.
2.Do not play chase-me games with a dog.Do play hide and seek - where the dog has to find you or an object that you hide.
3.Do not play tug-of-war games with a dog.Do play fetch with the dog - teach the dog to trade the object for a treat so he won't try to tug.


Your Dog and Strangers
A behavioral test for your dog is his introduction to someone new. Make a difference in how your dog reacts to a new person with a little training and reassurance.
How do I make my dog feel comfortable around strangers?


Start with training. The way your dog is trained can have a big impact on how he reacts to a stranger.
Make sure you can easily handle him in a group of people.
Don't allow your dog to jump up on you or others in greeting.



Basic Training Could Alleviate Pet Behaviour Problems

Do you know the biggest reason for pet euthanasia in the world? Is it incurable disease? Injury? The truth is that more companion animals are euthanized for behavior problems than for any other reason. Some animals are euthanized because they are aggressive and dangerous, but many are euthanized for behavior problems that could have been avoided.


"Dr. Brother Hackett, our vet., recommended Larry to us to get Bubs, our 8 year old snauzer, to behave. Larry came to our home once weekly for 4 weeks & Bubs is a new dog. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

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